Fun Games

McClain's Mobile DJ has fun games to add to your Event

Extreme Bingo.jpg

Extreme Bingo

Extreme Bingo combines Name That Tune with Bingo for a music Bingo game that is fun for people of all ages! Players simply identify the song and mark their Bingo cards. The first person to Bingo is the winner. Players enjoy this game so much that they usually sing along with the songs! We have music Bingo cards for the different music eras, from the 60's to current music. Our clients always really enjoy this game.

SpeedQuizzing app.png

Speed Quizzing

SpeedQuizzing is a fun way to engage your employees in a learning experience or simply for fun entertainment. This is an interactive quiz game played on smartphones and tablets. Each team downloads the Speedquizzing app to one phone or tablet per team. To play the game, we ask quiz questions that can be provided by your company in advance or questions that we choose. Teams choose from multiple choice answers shown on the app. The team that answers the most correctly and the fastest is the winner at the end of the game!

Happy Clients


"Do you want someone fun, lively, and who is paying attention to the mood of the room? Then McClain's should be your only choice. They DJ my monthly networking dinner events (last event was in November with 100 attendees): they always arrive on time, smiling, energetic, and keep the mood elevated. They play whatever type of music I request and are always willing to please. I highly recommend McClain's for your event!"



We will create an occasion full of incredible music, fun, and entertainment. You can just show up and enjoy the day.


It's not just about the high-end audio equipment and attention to detail. McClain's Mobile DJ will host your event with professional MC services.


We will work with our clients and vendors to ensure everything flows smoothly, and every element, including the entertainment, works harmoniously.